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What We Offer

Our connections with leading brands have given us access to a higher level of security solutions and products.

Our confidence in TVT permits us to offer a 3-year warranty, along with a swop-out policy on selective products. We like that TVT intends to take “every pixel captive” so there has never been a clearer choice when it comes to picture quality and reliability.

We at Skynatics mean business therefore our RMA (Return Management Authorisation) rates are well under 1%.

Through our well-equipped and trained Sales and Technical teams, we seek to provide the best possible advice and technical support whether on-site or remotely.

Maintenance Service Fee
- Maintenance-


Monthly maintenance and testing of these security systems are crucial for ensuring optimal performance. Regular upkeep is necessary to identify and address any issues promptly, maximizing the effectiveness of our security measures. By conducting routine maintenance, we can provide a safe and secure environment for our operations.

Maintenance Service Fee
R550 + VAT charge for call-out
R450 + VAT charge per till service
R350 + VAT charge per POS (Point of Sale)
R550 + VAT charge per B/O (Back Office)

Maintenance Service Fee
- Support-

Remote Support

Remote access to your security systems is made possible using special IP-based modules and linked to android and IOS applications found on Google Play and Apple I-stores.

You will be able to access your device from anywhere in the world by a click of a button.

Remote Support
R550 + VAT charge to clients not on service plan/fee
R550 + VAT charge to re-register a license

Software & Installation

Installation of a professional security system or intrusion detection system must be done by a qualified trained Specialist to ensure proper installation and performance of your security system.

Certain laws are in place to regulate the proper installation and operation of these systems to safeguard against any malpractice of accredited installers.

Do you need assistance with your security product’s software?
Do you require installation?

Is your product DIY? Refer to our instructive video resources.
- Support-

On-site Support

Our great point of sale technical team is willing and ready to support the installer both on-site or via remote support.

We choose to support installers of CCTV and alarm systems as well as any retail client with a Point-of-Sale. We are here for the customer that needs an installer or one that just needs help. We are here for YOU.

Standard Call-Out Fee
R550 + VAT charge for call-out
R550 + VAT charge per hour of labour

- Training-


We offer training at our branches. To receive our latest Training Schedule, please fill in your details and areas of training required.

For instructional video resources please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.