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TD-A510MS-S is an advanced authentication server of TVT Company.
It can be widely used in the industries of retails, education, banking, chain stores, buildings, health care and so on.


  • High-performance X86 hardware platform, stable and reliable
  • reset software before delivery; All-in-One simple deployment
  • Support the device access of TVT and other famous manufacturers in the industry
  • Support ONVIF protocol
  • Support device auto-report
  • Support adding devices through IP address, IP address segment, domain name and serial number
  • Automatically search devices and quickly adding devices
  • Support standard, widescreen and customized screen display modes
  • Support instant playback and alarm preview
  • Support corridor mode
  • Support fisheye mode
  • Support PTZ direction control and focus control; support setting and calling preset and cruise
  • Support voice monitoring, two-way talk and broadcast
  • Support record search, playback and downloading from device and control center
  • Support search and playback by time, channel, event and tag
  • Support time-slice playback
  • Support record clip and backup; support backup by time and event
  • Support video search, playback and downloading from SD card of the IPC
  • Support multi-level images and online E-map
  • Support TV wall management, including splicing, PIP, roaming and triggering video on TV wall
  • Support auto-switch plan and camera group on TV wall
  • Support various alarm types and alarm linkages
  • Support multi-level, multi-area and multi-user permission management
  • Support log management, including notices and alarms of device’s online and offline status
  • SDK/OCX available for client’s secondary development
  • Support GB/T28181-2011, DB31/T889-2015 and DB33/T629-2011 protocols
  • Support alarm host, access control system/attendance system, dynamic environment surveillance system as well as one-button alarm system access
  • Support Android/iOS mobile APP