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This AV to VGA Converter allows you to use a VGA or PC monitor as a display for any source having composite or S-Video outputs such as a DVD player, games console, Freeview receiver etc. The device connects to the display using a standard VGA connector.

This AV to VGA converter has 11 output resolution options to allow compatibility with the widest range of VGA monitors and projectors including standard and widescreen aspect ratios. The output resolution can be selected by accessing the menu using the buttons on the side of the converter. See below for the list of resolutions available.The input connection on this device is a RCA/phono socket for composite video, an S-Video socket and a VGA socket. The input is selectable by push button. The output is a standard 15 pin VGA connector for video. There is no audio facility with this converter as it works on video alone.An on-screen menu allows adjustment of the picture functions.

AV to VGA Converter
UK power supply with 3 pin plug
S-video cable
Phono cable for composite video
User Manual

Inputs – composite video via RCA socket, S-Video socket and VGA socket
Input selection via push button on the side
On screen output resolution selection

Menu adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
Push button selection of picture mode e.g. standard, soft, vivid, user


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Dimensions 56 × 110 × 36 mm