Battery Special 1 x 12v-100amp + 4 x 12v-7.2amp batteries

R5,999,00 Excl. Vat

SKU: FB 03

Due to Weight: Client to send own couriers or collect.

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Discover the epitome of reliability with Forbatt’s exceptional battery combo, meticulously crafted to elevate diverse applications. This dynamic combo includes four 7.2-ah batteries and a potent 100-ah battery, each tailored for specific needs.

Gate Motors: Experience seamless operation and enhanced security with the precision power of Forbatt’s 7.2-ah battery.
Camera Systems: Ensure uninterrupted surveillance and capture every moment with the dependable energy supply from Forbatt.
Electric Fences: Power up your electric fence for enhanced safety and security, courtesy of Forbatt’s reliable 7.2-ah battery.
Alarm Systems: Stay protected round the clock with the trustworthy energy support provided by Forbatt’s 7.2-ah battery.
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): Elevate your power backup solutions with the robust 100-ah battery, ensuring uninterrupted performance for critical systems.


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