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Are you a retailer? Don’t lose sales when power systems fail. Don’t let customers abandon shopping trolleys because speed point machines fail to function. During power outages, the FB6-4.5 lead acid battery provides pollution-free emergency power for critical retail applications. The FB6-4.5 lead-acid battery is tolerant in harsh environments and has a long shelf life when stored appropriately. Product Features: Voltage: 6 Volt Capacity: 4.5AH Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid Dimensions: Length 2.76?(70mm) x Width 1.86?(47mm) x Height 3.94?(100mm) /Height Over Terminals 4.25?(108mm) Weight: 1.68 (0.76 kgs) Terminals: F1 (. 187? Quick Disconnect Tabs)

Recreational Use
Alarm Panel
Emergency Lighting

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Weight 0,76 kg
Dimensions 70 × 47 × 100 mm

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